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In a business where you are only as successful as your last project, Energes relentlessly strives to reinforce our reputation. We hold ourselves accountable for the success of every one of our jobs. Reliable well testing, flowback, torque & test and safety services, delivered with integrity, translate to jobs done on time and on budget. And while you may own the project, we always own the results. 

Our Mission

Through a job well done, trust is earned. At ENERGES, we hold ourselves accountable for the success of each and every thing we work on, enabling us to deliver game-changing technologies and purposeful results. 

Our team combines an ownership mindset with a responsible approach to our work. We are always prepared to do the job, have the expertise to do it right and commit to following through with the promises we make to our clients.

Why Energes


Energes is ushering in a new era of oilfield services.  Re-engineered equipment, application of modern technology, and solutions focused on tomorrow's challenges means fewer delays, continuous operations and greater savings.  With a dynamic and effective supply chain and logistics structure, Energes is able to put experienced people, equipped with the right tools and materials, where they need to be.  Together these strengths create unparalleled speed, efficiency, and commitment to safety.


Energes implements unique equipment designs that streamline the process of shipping, setup, deployment and disassembly. Our products transport easily, which results in reduced shipping costs and less time spent in transit. On location, we are able to rig-up quickly with equipment that is crafted to integrate seamlessly with infrastructure already in place. Personnel are cross-trained to operate multiple services, reducing the number of people needed on-site.


Our experienced employees and management team are passionate about providing extraordinary service quality. From the moment we take on a job, it becomes the charge of every Energes team member to take ownership of the work performance, both individually at field level and corporately. All of us, from the new recruits to the company leadership, are responsible for the success of everything we undertake — so our clients can be assured the work will be done right and to the best of our ability.


Safety is at the core of everything we do at Energes. We believe safety must be ingrained into a company’s culture to truly guide behavior, and it is another way we continually hold ourselves accountable. Regardless of the service, we see it as our duty to ensure the safety of all the people and assets on or near any field installation. The team is committed to never cutting corners to bring a project in under deadline. We rely on our time-saving engineering and years of experience for that, so that the wellbeing of our clients, our employees and the environment is always guaranteed. Every Energes employee is empowered with stop-work authority to intervene at any time if there is an unplanned breach in operational safety.

Premium Services

Plug Catcher - Premium Services

Sand Management

State-of-the-art technologies combined with highly experienced personnel has created a high demand for ENERGES Sand Management Services. Advanced Sand Separators and patented Sand Filter systems, coupled with remote automation and data telemetry has created the most innovative solution for sand management on the market.

Plug Catcher - Premium Services

Well Testing/Flowback

Reliable equipment and skilled personnel coupled with accurate, real-time information. Energes’ operators are on the job with you from Day One to keep your operations optimized and moving according to plan.  We move your project forward efficiently and safely — the Energes way. 

Oilfield Training Services

Oilfield Training Services

If safety is job #1, a job well done is second. To that end, Energes provides industry-leading Training services to ensure a successful and safe project. From H2S safety to Man Lift training, Energes prepares your employees with vital operational education, so that you maintain a safe and efficient work site. 

Torque and Test Services

ENERGES Torque and Test Services are designed to deliver cost-effective, high-quality pressure services in a wide variety of applications.

Safety Services

Safety Services

We partner with some of the world’s foremost safety equipment suppliers in order to keep employees as safe as possible on jobsites around the globe. Energes Safety Professionals will work with your team to tailor a safety package that integrates seamlessly into your operation, so you remain safely on task, on schedule and breathing easy.