TORQUE & TEST Services

ENERGES offers customers the full spectrum of Torque and Test services from a team who is highly skilled and experienced. Our units come equipped with top quality guages and wrenches to ensure a smooth opreation from start to finish.

ENERGES personnel are trained to and equipped with standard operating procedures specific to pressure test and torque operations.  From BOP testing to nippling up the well head, the Torque & Test team has years of industry experience in the field.  Each employee brings not only their operational experience, but the ENERGES culture of Safe Operations to every location to achieve a job well done.

High Performance

The typical unit is trailer mounted for ease of deployment to land based locations and provides a compact design to reduce footprint.  With a single, diesel, tri-plex hydraulic pump, each unit is capable of providing a Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP) of 15,000 psi, with a fluid pump rate of 8.7 gallons per minute (GPM).

The ENERGES Standard of Quality

All equipment is maintained to the highest standards.  Barton recorders and test hoses must pass a QA verification prior to each test to maintain proper calibration and certifica-tion.  Safety switches & test hoses are visually inspected prior to the start of every shift and monthly bench mark tests are conducted to MAWP.  Integrated Murphy safety switches with automatic emergency shut-down  and relief valves provide protection for personnel and equipment in the field.

Equipment Highlights

  • Single, Diesel, Tri-plex pump
  • 3/4" plunger size
  • 15000 MAWP (Maximum allowable working pressure)
  • 8.7 GPM (Gallons per minute)
  • Barton recorders
  • 225 gal poly tank
  • Remote clutch w/ rear control panel console
  • Hydraulic wrenches from 3/4" to 3 1/2" standard
  • Integrated hose spools and tool boxes
  • Murphy safety switches w/ auto kill switches

Products and Services

Skilled Operators

Torque and Test Unit

  • Trailer Mounted for Quick Deployment
  • Secondary Containment under Pump Unit
  • Multile Applications
  • 225 gal poly tank

Pump Unit

  • Tri-plex Pump
  • 15000 MAWP
  • 8.7 GPM
  • Integrated Safety Switches

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