Production Testing Services

Obtaining accurate production performance parameters is the essence of production well testing. Energes’ Production Well Testing services provide real-time desktop accesible data telemetry, providing actionable, reliable information upon which production engineers can make timely, well informed decisions.

Responsive, rapid deployment

Our skid and trailer-mounted equipment is onsite quickly and designed for rapid rig-up. Every member of the Energes team is hand-picked based on experience and is eager to provide insight and guidance. Our management team is always available to customers with the resources at hand to help solve the most difficult production challenges.

Accurate, timely reporting

Energes prides itself in its reporting tools and the quality of information we provide to our customers.  By providing real-time, as it happens, data acquisition services we ensure customers are empowered with information when and wherever they need it.  We maintain a secure record of job histories (unless otherwise desired).

Equipment and Services

Arctic Separator

60" Separator Units

Designed to operate in the harshest of conditions, Energes 60" Separators are rated to -40 degree temperatures and capable of handling high volume flow rates.

Mobile Well Test Separator

Trailer or skid mounted, the Energes Mobile Well Test Separators are ideal for any location.  Rated for Sour Service and equipped with state-of-the art instrumentation, both electronic and mechanical, our units are capable of enhanced process protection to the point of running with only remote or periodic supervision.

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