Energes' pressure control manifolds are designed to deliver. Able to withstand the harsh environments of the oilfields across the globe, our manifold design is able to withstand the harsh proppants and corrosive fluids delivered at the high volumes and high pressures encountered in hydraulic fracturing operations. These units can be integrated into existing pressure control equipment and can be customized to the needs of any well intervention project.

Secure control

Dual barriers in all directions on our manifolds ensures greater safety for personnel on the job site. Reinforced construction contains pressures up to 15K PSI MAWP. Plus, our manifolds are specifically designed to withstand highly corrosive H2S conditions so you can continue operations safely and securely.

Quick response mobility

Skid mounted design not only reduces equipment footprint, but also creates greater mobility for quicker rig-up and rig-down times. Simply pack the skid in a standard shipping container and you can continue operations anywhere in the world. 

Products and Services

Double-barrel Plug Catcher

Designed with ease and efficiency in mind, the Energes Plug Catcher has dual screened barrels with gantry-assist screen removal and a central pass-through line to ensure continuous operation. Integrated chokes allows the system to serve as both plug catcher and pressure control manifold.

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