Energes Well Testing and Frac Flowback operations employ the most robust equipment available, sized to handle the flow rates and pressures experienced in both conventional and unconventional completions.  Employing technology in design and leveraging real-time data collection tools permits the Energes personnel and Customer engineers to access critical information during and after the operation. Accurate reporting information and well performance data is the final testament to a job well done.

Our experienced personnel will be on the job from day one to give you the accurate, real-time information you need to keep operations moving as planned. We offer a wide range of well flow management tools and equipment extending from Frac Flowback equipment to Production Well Testing equipment.

Energes’ experts can help you interpret information and optimize your operations to improve efficiency, increase productivity rates, and protect your installations and personnel, throughout the life of the well.


Keeping our customers ahead, we push innovation Forward.  Energes has a Well Testing fleet designed to adapt to a wide range of operational circumstances and scenarios; built to the highest specification. All applicable standards, material specifications and internationally recognized best practices have been incorporated in the designs and operational methods to ensure seamless integration.

Some innovative designs in the fleet:

  • Combined plug & debris catcher with choke manifold enhances the safety and reliability of the operation while minimizing footprint.
  • Discharge of plug catcher debris can be performed through choke blowdown or by screen extraction which is simplified by the incorporated gantry system.
  • Plug catcher is self draining to reduce corrosion while in storage.
  • Separators are 3 phase/4 phase with solids handling components on inlet for knockout & easy, effective solids flushing.
  • All separators are equipped with dedicated Hi/Lo level ports for process safety instrumentation and automation
  • Enhanced separation equipment employing hydrocyclone technology to enhance solid, liquid, gas separation and demulsification.
  • Guide wave radar level controls enhance precision control on fluid movement through vessel. (Available upon request)
  • Sand management systems that include high flow rate filtration screens and multi-stage hydrocyclones.
  • Arctic design equipment able to operate unhindered in the coldest climates.  All components, including the frames, are designed to operate at -40 degrees.


Energes started out with the premise that our customers shouldn’t have to settle for the status quo of oilfield services. We believe that all we do and all we design should enhance our customers’ projects, making their jobs easier and the bottom line more robust.

So, we designed our equipment to operate across the life span of both the completion and production phases. We made it compatible in all markets — with quicker, simplified on-site rig-up and easier, more user-centric maintenance processes. We designed our equipment to work how you work: better, more efficiently and more economically, so you are always ready for what’s next. 

Well Testing Products

  • Manual Combined Plug Catcher and Well Control Manifold
  • Gas Buster Knockout Systems
  • Solids-managing Storage Tanks
  • Solids-handling Closed-loop Systems
  • Well Control Manifolds
  • Heavy-duty Hydrocyclone Sand Management
  • Mobile Well Test Separators
  • Skid-mounted Well Test Separators
  • 60" High Volume Separator Units
  • Pressurized Storage Tanks (Closed Loop Systems)
  • Temporary flow line (hammer union & API flanged)
  • Gas Destruction Systems and High Efficiency Flares
  • Remote Data Surveillance
  • Customer Desk Remote Data Delivery

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