Sand Management Equipment


ENERGES Sand Management encompasses both traditional and emerging desanding technologies to provide customers with a full and flexible range of desanding options.  Traditional Sand Traps are engineered with additional internal hydrocyclone technology to create additional fine sand "fall out" to improve solids extraction. 

In an exciting advancement to desanding operations, ENERGES has partnered with Dynacorp, a Canadian based fabrication company, to provide a patented Sand Filter capable of high flow rates and maximum fine sand extraction.  This new technology has proven effective at removing 100% of sands down to 50 microns. 

These technologies assist our customers in mitigating undue equipment damage from sand induced erosion (washout) and reduces the necessity to shut down operations for maintenance and solids clean-out, keeping production online and profitable.  Built to rigorous standards (NACE, ASME Section VIII, Div 1), ENERGES Sand Traps and Sand Filters are designed to work in the harshest environments and handle a wide range of well conditions. 

These technologies can also integrate into existing SCADA systems or equipped with ENERGES automation and data telemetry to provide remote solids handling.  From real-time, quantitative sand flow rates to automated dumps, ENERGES remote systems allow customers to see and control their solids management from a tablet, smartphone, or computer desktop. 


ENERGES has introduced an innovative sand filtration system that has proven to be 100% effective at removing fine sands as small as 50 microns, while simultaneously maintaining high flow rates.  Through a combination of expansion chambers, baffles, and fine mesh screens, the patented ENERGES Dynacorp Sand Filter is able to combat the most elusive sands that have been plaguing facilities during and after flowback.

In addition to the new filtration system, ENERGES has upgraded standard sand traps to be more effective at solids management.  Through the inclusion of hydrocyclones on the inlets within the sand traps, we are able to achieve exceptional solids fall out well beyond the norm.

ENERGES has developed advanced data acquisition and telemetry capabilities along side remote automation features.  These new features allow customers to assess sand management effectiveness, complete sand dumps, and shut in systems all from the convenience of an internet enabled device (smartphone, tablet, desktop). 

Results Driven

ENERGES Sand Management systems have been proven effective in the field, driving demand for the patented technology. 

Utilizing acoustic sand measuring sensors, tests were conducted to measure the effectiveness of the ENERGES Dynacorp Sand Filter system. On an active customer site, two hydro-cyclonic sand separators were being utilized to combat the 100 mesh sand being produced from the well after flowback. ENERGES measured the amount passing downstream of the sand separators using the acoustic system and showed that approximately 25% of total sand production was escaping the sand separators. After installation of the ENERGES Dynacorp Sand Filter, sand production downstream of the filter registered ZERO using the acoustic sand measuring system and was visually confirmed by checking the bottom of the production separator.

In addition to the successful extraction of fine sand, choke sizes were continually increased to bring up production levels while maintaining 100% sand extraction via the sand filter. This ramp-up in production shows the filter’s ability to handle high flow rates while maintaining sand extraction efficiency.

With the popularity of 100 mesh and other fine sands being utilized in fracking operations today, ENERGES is excited to bring a solution to the production problems created by these find sands.

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