HSE Supervisor Services

The health and safety of personnel and the environment are keys to the success of every company.  Managing those issues can be time consuming and often overwhelming.  Energes provides HSE Professionals to assist in designing safety plans and managing those plans to keep our customers in compliance, their employees free of harm, and the environment pristine and protected.

Each Supervisor is extensively trained in safety issues and emergency response to maintain a safe environment on job site around the globe. They employ their extensive knowledge of the energy industry to identify unique safety issues and the most effective safeguards to prevent them from occurring.

Rigorous Compliance

With continuous regulation expansion, keeping up to date and in compliance can be overwhelming.  Our HSE Supervisors assist our customers in traversing these difficult waters and assist in designing solutions to ensure compliance.  Each Supervisor maintains advanced certifications in HSE as well as specialized areas within the discipline.  All certifications are kept current and each supervisor stays abreast of the latest developments and advances in the HSE arena.

One Supervisor for Multiple Needs

Energes HSE Supervisors are able to address many HSE issues at once, reducing the amount of costly experts on the job site. Our Supervisors handle a wide array of HSE issues including:

  • 24hr HSE Support
  • HSE Training
  • On-site Fit Testing
  • Calibration & Maintenance of safety equipment
  • Hazard ID and Risk Analysis of job sites and systems
  • Personnel Supervision
  • Confined Space Supervisors and Attendents
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Permitting assistance (including Hot Work, H-9, Confined Space Entry, etc)
  • On-site Audits and Corrective Action Plans
  • Noise Surveys
  • Illumination Surveys
  • Fire Protection Inspection Services
  • Fall Protection Inspection Services
  • HSE Program Management

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