Safety & Training Services

Energes helps our customers mitigate the inherent risks on the jobsite with industry-leading oilfield safety services. Our Safety Professionals are just that, Professional.  Maintaining certifications and the pursuit of advanced degrees in Occupational and Industrial Safety are standard issue for Energes safety personnel.

Our experts will consult with you and your team to engineer a specific safety plan for your operation that will cater to your ever-changing environment. From the design and implementation of an entire HSE Management System to professional HSE personnel on the ground, our team will recommend the proper processes, equipment and training your personnel will need to safely operate on the job site. Energes supplies industry-preferred safety and H2S equipment from leading global manufacturers, including but not limited to:

  • Dräger USA
  • BW Technologies
  • RAE Systems
  • Otis Instruments
  • Scott Safety


Mobile Safety 

Energes’ commitment to safety covers the entire globe. No matter where you are operating, we can deploy a mobile safety center to your job site to provide your personnel with the necessary safety equipment, training  and support to keep them out of harm’s way. 

Safety Forward

One of the biggest benefits of a proactive approach to safety is innovation. Staying ahead of the constantly changing job site environment means identifying and anticipating hazards. In tailoring your safety plan, we incorporate contingencies such as wireless communications that avoid common radio interference, water, dust and explosion-proof monitoring instruments, and multiple-redundancies within breathing systems — all to keep your worksite safe and return your employees home safely. 

Safety Services

  • Full H2S Support - Supplied Air, Monitoring, Testing, Signage, Supervisors
  • H9 and Contingency Plan preparation
  • On-site HSE Professionals
  • Custom training development
  • Emergency Breathing Apparatus sets for locations where H2S or other poisonous gases are a risk
  • Personal gas monitors
  • Confined space gas monitors
  • Emergency showers
  • Installation of temporary and permanent gas monitoring systems for H2S and other gases
  • Confined space entry packages for use while entering confined spaces where air quality is in question whether it is due to hydro carbons, poisonous gases or even coating applications on the interiors of storage facilities
  • Gas destruction systems and high-efficiency flares
  • Confined Space Rescue personnel
  • Work Permit Supervisors
  • High Angle Rescue services
  • Fire fighting equipment inspection
  • Fall Protection equipment inspection
  • Drilling Rig Inspections
  • Supervised H2S Drills

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