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We are providing our customers with innovative answers to Well Testing & Flowback, Torque & Test, Safety and Training Service demands. Each unique product line fulfills our customers’ diverse needs and can be implemented separately or integrated together for a single, seamless solution.  


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From the well bore to the classroom, the Energes Team strives under pressure. We invest in the highest caliber personnel and the most innovative technology to provide quality services for our customers.


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ASME Stamp Received!

FEBRUARY 25, 2015

ENERGES Design and Fabrication Facility has officially received its ASME R & U stamps.  We are now capable of manufacturing ASME coded process pressure vessels and other process piping & oilfield equipment.  The facility that launched back in September of 2014 now has the capability of manufacturing process equipment from the ground up, in full compliance ASME requirements.

Produced Water Treatment Success!

DECEMBER 14, 2014

ENERGES has successfully treated produced water to remove H2S utilizing a series of mechanical processes, reducing H2S levels from 700ppm to 15ppm and minimizing chemical requirements.  This pilot project utilized unique processes to scrub the H2S out of the produced water and allowed burn-off of the poisoness gas at the flare.  This method has proved to be efficient and very cost effective in comparison to chemical treatment only processes.  It is truly exciting to be a part of innovative solutions for our customers.

James Pung Joins ENERGES as COO

DECEMBER 2, 2014

James Pung has officially joined ENERGES as the new Chief Operations Officer.  Having successfully led U.S. operations for both Water Transfer and Well Testing, James brings years of vital experience to this role.  ENERGES is extremely excited to welcome James to the team!